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Wednesday August 8th 2018, London: The 9th annual Sikh Awards ceremony will be taking place on Saturday 27th October 2018 at the Ole Sereni Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya for the first time.

The Sikh Awards recognises the pivotal contributions made by the Sikh community across a variety of fields, from business, charity, education, entertainment, media, professional services, seva (selfless service), and sport, with winners selected across the globe from Asia, USA, Australia, Europe, Africa, Canada and the Middle East.

In October 2017, an incredible £25 billion worth of Asian wealth attended the 8th annual Sikh Awards ceremony from around the world. The prestigious event will see in attendance over 500 guests, from elite international dignitaries to public figures, community heroes, sports stars and celebrities.

Another highlight of the event, which is hosted by the media organization The Sikh Directory, will be the launch of the seventh edition of The Sikh 100 Power List, profiling the worlds most prominent Sikhs in the global community.

This unique gathering will look to enhance business opportunities for Kenya and the rest of world.

The successful entrepreneur, Navdeep Singh, founded the Sikh Awards. Speaking about the event, Navdeep Singh said: “The Sikh Awards is now in its ninth glorious year. Our purpose with the awards is to recognize, honor and celebrate the enormous achievements of the Sikh community who continue to contribute immensely to the social, cultural, and economic fabric of societies globally, as well as making a difference to people’s lives through philanthropy. As the awards are multicultural and include all faiths which allows for the wider community to learn about Sikhs and what they are achieving around the world. I would also like to congratulate all of this year’s nominees. May they continue to be a beacon that shines out to future generations, who strive for excellence in their chosen professions”.


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Sikhism is a religion founded by Guru Nanak Dev Ji and has over 26 million followers worldwide. It is ranked as the world’s fifth largest religion.

About the founder Navdeep Singh

Navdeep Singh, a founder and publisher is dedicated towards serving and connecting businesses around the world. He has been honoured, by the former Prime Minister of India, Sardar Manmohan Singh for his services to the Sikh community throughout the world. Navdeep Singh has created three established and trusted global brands ‘The Sikh Directory’, ‘The Sikh Awards’ and ‘The Sikh 100’. Navdeep is one of most networked individuals who is extremely active in the South Asian business community. In January 2015 he was selected to form a part of delegation that attended The Vibrant Gujarat Summit lead by Lord Livingston the Minister of State for Trade and Investment in the UK. Navdeep glorifies Sikhism and emphasises on embracing Sikh values and business ethics including excellence, elegance, loyalty and spirituality. On noticing Navdeep’s holistic approach towards Sikhism, other faiths have approached him for guidance on organising similar events for their community. Navdeep is being recognised and supported by major brands, governments and dignitaries from around the world.

About The Sikh Directory

The first edition of the Sikh Directory was published in March 2006 and has since been updated and published annually. The Sikh Directory is currently the world’s largest and most comprehensive directory of Sikh businesses. It is an established and trusted brand which stimulates community networking and connects buyers and sellers. It is regarded by many as a powerful voice and platform for the global Sikh community. It was long felt that an awards ceremony to celebrate and champion the talents of the Sikhs was long overdue. Realising this vision, Navdeep Singh, founder of The Sikh Directory, organised the world’s first Sikh Awards ceremony in 2010 to recognise the energy, drive and passion behind the Sikh community within all commercial, industrial and community sectors. The 2010 Sikh Awards inaugural ceremony took place on 10-10-10 at The Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane, London. The Sikh Awards aims to promote the values and ethics of the Sikh community including excellence, equality, love, sharing, justice and spirituality. Navdeep believes that it is very important to encourage and inspire all generations by recognising special contributions and exceptional achievements. The Sikh Awards have continued to grow from strength to strength each year, honouring exceptional Sikh individuals and organisations for their achievements globally.

About The Sikh Awards

The awards will be presented to individuals or organisations who have surpassed exceptional standards in their chosen field of activity. They recognise those people who have an understanding of a community’s needs and can further show examples of selfless voluntary service (sewa).

Award categories:

Sikhs in Business

Sikhs in Charity

Sikhs in Education

Sikhs in Profession

Sikhs in Media

Sikhs in Seva

Sikhs in Sports

Sikhs in Entertainment

Sikh Peoples Choice Award

Sikh Lifetime Achievement Award

Special Recognition Award

About The Sikh 100

The Sikh 100 profiles some of the most influential contemporary individuals of Sikh heritage from around the world and crosses all sectors including business, education, profession, media, entertainment, sport and charity. With over 26 million Sikhs worldwide, the Sikh Dharam is the 5th largest religion in the world. One of the main aims of The Sikh 100 is to share real success stories which are a source of inspiration encouraging individuals to aim high, be passionate and excel in all aspects of their lives. This venture is inspiring all generations to draw strength from their Sikh heritage and empower them to excel in their professional, academic and spiritual paths. The Sikh 100 list is compiled by The Sikh Directory which examines contributions and impact that individuals have made from many hundreds of online applications received. Further consultations are made within industry and esteemed experts fully analysing all the information received before deciding to include any application into The Sikh 100. The 7th edition of The Sikh 100 will be released at the awards ceremony on 27th October 2017.