The Sikh Group, is dedicated to serving and connecting businesses and communities around the world. The group, consists of ‘The Sikh Directory,’ ‘The Sikh Awards,‘The Sikh 100’, and ‘The Sikh Charity’.

Regarded as the most powerful platform and central voice for the global Sikh community, the first edition of the annual Sikh Directory was published in April 2006. Now, 15 years later it is the worlds largest and most comprehensive Sikh business directory.

As part of this ongoing success, the inaugural annual Sikh Awards ceremony was staged on 10-10-10 at The Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane, London to further promote and recognise the core values and ethics of the Sikh community: excellence, equality, love, sharing, justice and spirituality. Since 2010, the event has been held in London, Delhi, Toronto and Nairobi.

The Sikh 100, compiled and released in 2012, annually profiles 100 of the most powerful and influential contemporary individuals out of 26 million Sikhs worldwide.

Finally, The Sikh Charity, launching in 2020, is a global non-profit organisation with the primary objectives of practising philanthropy and serving public interest for the greater good.